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Legends Basement Club

DJ Pete | DJ Mak

DJ Pete with a solid 46+ years experience & DJ Mak with 13+ years in DJing in Nightclubs & Bars, we know a lot about the business and how it works. We work alongside with the venue and management to ensure we can supply what is required.

Clubbing - The 70's up to the present day


*Denotes Residency Years

Legends – Brighton *17 |Moo Moo – Tunbridge Wells *3 |OhSo Social – Brighton *5 |Martines – East Grinstead *15 |Jumpin Jaks / Billie Rox – East Grinstead *4 |Busbys – Redhill *8 |Millionaires – Redhill *4 |Zoots – Sutton *2 |Zoots – Maidstone *1 |Two Brewers – Clapham *1 |Dante’s – Putney *1 |The Granby – Reading *2
British Embassy – Redhill |Busbys – Brighton |Busbys – Charing X |Chicago Rock – Luton |Club 107 – Crawley |Club Life – Vauxhall |Easy Street – Croydon |Fever & Boutique – Epsom |Hippodrome – London |Ikon Diva – Crawley |Joe Bananas – Camberley |New York New York – Southampton |Pink Coconut – Brighton |Qba – Haywards Heath

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Taking a peek into the past
Busbys Redhill
Busbys Redhill
Martines East Grinstead
British Embassy Redhill
Billie Rox / Jumpin Jaks East Grinstead
Legends Basement Club Brighton
2007 to present
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The Journey of a

club dj

The Start

Starting in the 70’s, nightclubs were not on everyone’s doorstep, DJ’s were harder to find and CD’s, digital sound and LED lighting was not yet invented, but this didn’t stop people from having a night to remember. We have continuously moved with technology and trends to the present day keeping up with the entertainment industry.

The Music

Decades come and go, music trends change, disco, soul, funk, pop, R’n’B, garage and house are just a few of the genres we have seen. Whether it’s playing the current trend or the music style that suites the night and the venue, we have that ability and music library to adapt.

The People

It’s all about playing to the crowds, creating a great atmosphere and dropping in those surprise tracks that keeps everyone partying. It’s not all about us “The DJ’s”, but about the people we play to which keeps them coming back week after week wanting more.

The Companies

Here are a few companies we have worked for: Stonegate, Luminar Leisure, Rank, Pleasurama, Mecca, Cando, Bass Charrington, Whitbread, Court Dance with a few independents.
Here are a few people we have worked with... Gloria Gaynor, Imagination, Odyssey, Radio 1 DJ’s, Right Said Fred, Dina Carroll, Mel & Kim as well as Take That for a bit of name dropping.

The Trust

We understand the importance of the job and therefore have 100% reliability. It’s more than just about working our nights, if your DJ has let you down and we are available then we will step in. We leave the DJ box at the end of night in the same (if not better) condition than we found it. Reliable, trustworthy & honest.

Moo Moo

Tunbridge Wells


available to DJ AT Night clubs and bar venues.

DJ Pete
DJ Mak

For detailed information on availability and what we can both offer individually or as a team to your venue, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

DJ Pete & DJ Mak